Drift FCS Surfboard Camera Mount

Secure your Drift Innovation camera to your surfboard with the Drift FCS Surf Mount. Mount the camera using the Drift Universal Clip, before inserting into your surfboard deck’s standard FCS plug. Easily interchangeable between boards, you can further secure your Drift camera from the crashing waves with the included adhesive tether. Made from a durable waterproof polymer, this sleek surfing mount can pivot more than 100° and rotate 360° for the perfectly angled shot of your tube-rides, big-airs and bails.

  • Securely fastens to FCS port
  • Adhesive Security Tether to further secure your camera
  • Adjustable angles (more than 100° up and down and 360° rotatable)
  • Technical Specifications    » Material: Super strength waterproof polymer
  • Tether mount uses industrial strength 3M self-adhesive pads
  • Adjustability: more than 100° up and down and 360° rotatable
  • Suits all Drift Cameras


Drift FCS Surfboard Camera Mount

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