Repsol Moto Racing HMEOC 10w30 Full Synthetic 4L 4 Stroke Oil

Synthetic lubricant oil for high performance 4-stroke engines with fuel saving properties. High thermal stability and excellent engine care as it is used at high engine revolutions even under high temperatures in hot climates. It particularly cares for the delicate parts such as the gearbox and wet clutches. With Racing HMEOC your engine is always ready to give maximum performance.


  • Developed according to the demanding HMEOC (High Quality Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception for fuel saving) requirements to contribute towards fuel saving and therefore to protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Results tested on four-stroke motorcycles in extreme working conditions that have shown excellent protection against wear.
  • Its formula offers high level performance and, at the same time, ensures adequate friction for couplings coated in oil in the joint engine and transmission lubrication systems in motorcycles (wet clutch).
  • Only use when this SAE 10W30 viscosity grade is recommended by the motorcycle manufacturer. It offers fuel savings of up to 8 % and reduced lubricant consumption (*), thus guaranteeing exceptional lubrication of the engine and transmission.

(*) Source: Honda Technical Support for Motorcycle Engine Oil Working Group (Low Viscosity Promotion) - 2008 Fuels & Lubricants Steering Committee for Asia

Quality Levels

  • HMEOC (High Quality Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception for Fuel Saving)
  • JASO T-903:2006 MA
  • API SJ