USWE Airborne 2 Crazy Yellow 2L Hydration Pack

This is the number one action pack, built for top speed and high preasure rides. We wouldn’t even call AIRBORNE 2™ a lightweight, it’s more of a featherweight pack that delivers outstanding fit and functionality for 1-3 hours fast racing. With a weight of 290g and its NDMT™ harness, this pack will not even be noticeable on your back in action.

USWE has put an end to bouncing backpacks and the feeling of dancing monkeys on your back. The solution is a revolutionary 4-point suspension harness strap design that makes your riding more awesome and less painfull. This super technology is called No More Dancing Monkey™ and guarantees that all our packs are bounce-free in action.


  • Featherweight design
  • Premium 2,0 liter Shape-Shift™ bladder
  • Superior race abilities
  • NDMT™ harness
  • Easy to reach
  • Easy to clean


USWE Airborne 2 Crazy Yellow 2L Hydration Pack

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